Thursday, April 28, 2011

Glucomannan Cupcakes W/Frosting

I had made some glucc cupcakes this weekend I meant to post about but forgot. They are derived from marcea's roll recipe. I made this many because, well, I wanted this many lol.

8 Whole Large Eggs
2 Tbsp glucc Powder
1.5 Scoops Jay Robb Vanilla Protein Powder
1 Tsp Baking Powder
3-4 Drops EZ-SweetZ
1/4 Cup SF Vanilla Torani

I made these just like marcea's instructions for the Glucc/parm rolls. Beat the Eggs until fluffy, add the EZ-Sweetz, SF Torani and Baking Powder and mix well. Then Add the Glucc slowly while beating the mixture until it forms waves in the batter. Then add the protein powder and mix well. The batter was a little wetter than the roll batter. It's about the consistency of cake batter.

I then spooned it into 24 muffin tin sections and baked at 350 until they were firm to the touch. Probably about 15-20 min. Just check them after 10 min and every few minutes after. When they are firm to the touch they are done.

The nutrition counts (w/o frosting and sprinkled chocolate chips or coconut, will post frosting next) for the whole recipe is:
Calories:742 Fat:39.8g Carbs:16.9g Fiber:10.11g Net Carb:6.79g

Per 1/24th Recipe:
Calories:30.92 Fat:1.66g Carbs:0.70g Fiber:0.42g Net Carb:0.28g

1/2 Stick Butter (1/4 cup at room temp)
2 scoops either Jay Robb or Unflavored protein powder ( I used unflavored)
5-6 Drops E-Z Sweetz
1 Tbsp SF Vanilla Torani

Mix all very well until frosting consistency. Frost the cupcakes and add optional chocolate chips or coconut flakes. For the red frosting I added 1/2 packet of fruit punch Hawaiian Punch (on the go, sf packets, look like crystal light packets).

Frosting Counts:Whole Recipe:
Calories:627 Fat:46g Carbs:2g Fiber:0g Net Carbs:2g

Per 1/24th Recipe:
Calories:26.13 Fat:1.92g Carbs:0.08g Fiber:0g Net Carbs:0.08g

Counts Per 1/24th Cupcake w/frosting:
Calories57.05 Fat:3.58g Carbs:0.78 Fiber:0.42 Net Carbs:0.36g

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